Retiree spending is not consistent, from month to month or decade to decade. Early retirees usually travel more and increase spending on hobbies.  You might buy a car once every 5 years.  Healthcare spending increases as we age.  Investment performance is not consistent either! So, why would you want a portfolio strategy focused on providing consistent income or a static allocation not adapting to your changing needs?

We start by matching investments to projected cash flows.  First, we set aside enough money to supplement social security, etc. for about 30 months, depending on our economic outlook.  Taking little risk with immediate income provides comfort to spend.  The beauty is now most of your assets seek long-term returns without short-term risk.

Integras Partners uses different strategies for at least three time-horizons, optimizing market risk for each timeframe.  We also look beyond stocks, bond and mutual funds, with access to institutional-style real estate and private equity with low minimums. Plus, since we don’t charge commissions, our clients can earn very attractive current yields with a head start in recovering principal.  These investments are only sold by prospectus, so give us a call if you have questions.

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