How We Manage Your Money

We align investment risks to your goals.

Many advisors ask hypothetical questions to assign your “risk score”, which then determines the strategy for your entire portfolio. This process doesn’t consider your multiple goals with differing timeframes, and may create inappropriate risk.

We build real relationships with clients. We partner with you to determine when you’ll need money. We take low risk with money you need soon, allowing the opportunity to capture greater returns with money invested for later.

We do this by segmenting your portfolio into timeframes, from next year all the way to 15+ years. Each segment employs one of our 5 strategies, which keeps risk (and emotions) aligned to your needs and goals.

For example, markets reward risk and capture the highest expected returns over long periods of time. It’s appropriate to take this risk with money that can stay invested for 15 years, because over this much time you can ride out market cycles and the fears that might come with short term declines.

Each client receives a unique blend of our strategies, depending on their specific needs. As the years pass by, your money cascades down to the appropriately risked strategy. This approach provides valuable peace of mind during volatile markets and helps ensure the longevity of your portfolio in retirement.

5 Investment Strategies

Chief Investment Officer, Keith Johnson, talks about the Integras Partners 5 Investment Strategies built to match your timeline and support your goals.

A Unique Blend of Portfolio Strategies for Every Client 

Long Term Growth (15+ Years)

Dimensional Advisor Funds – Exclusive fund family driven by market economists including several Nobel Laureates that capitalizes on researched factors to efficiently seek high levels of long-term appreciation.

Core Portfolios – Tactically managed proprietary strategy to achieve maximum long-term returns.  High equity exposure to US and foreign markets, sector overweighting, factor and thematic incorporation, tactical shifts based upon market and economic conditions to reduce/increase risk accordingly.

Private Equity – Unique growth characteristics make this a desirable complement to public stock markets. Historically restricted to only the wealthiest investors, we can offer access with reasonable minimums.

Real Assets (7-10 Years)

Direct Access to non-traded and private offerings focused on real estate & middle-market lending. Typically requiring an 7 to 10-year commitment, these investments offer attractive yields not available from established public companies, often with tax advantages. lntegras Partners employs them without commission.

Liquid Assets (Immediate)

Designed for low/moderate yield with minimal risk; protecting assets for earliest withdrawal needs.

Dividend Growth (10-15 Years)

Designed to provide exposure to US Stocks with risk (or Beta) targeted at 80% of the S&P 500 Index. In this twenty-stock portfolio, stocks are screened and ranked by multiple criteria including earnings growth, dividend growth, lower than average price risk, yield, and high cash flows. Employs disciplined rules for purchase and sale of each security. Seeking long-term comparable returns with mitigated losses in down markets.


Income (3-7 Years)

Designed to generate substantial income without invasion of principal. The second least volatile of our proprietary strategies incorporating individual bonds and stocks, mutual and exchange-traded funds, real estate and direct business lenders (BDC’s), custom structured notes and other high income-producing assets. We make both strategic and tactical shifts to weight components in line with current market opportunities.

No matter where you stand on your financial journey, we’re here to help.

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