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Why Integras Partners?


To INVEST is to commit time and wealth towards achieving goals.

We guide clients with ideas and strategies appropriate to funding your goals with investment risks tailored to each goal’s timeframe.


Everything you support requires energy, diligence and patience. Family, career, and communities all get these resources.

We NURTURE investments the same way; with research and vigilance over time.


The true value of building wealth is that peace allowing us to ENJOY life.

One of the greatest benefits we provide to clients is a clear strategy to achieve goals and the clarity that allows freedom to spend in retirement.

Our goal is for you to enjoy and maintain a quality life that can influence generations. Ready to talk?

Hear from Keith Johnson and Sidney Browning on how Integras Partners was built as a client-centric firm.

Experience the Integras Partners difference where “the client always comes first.”

You Need a Professional Advisor Operating in Your Best Interest

You want advisors bound to the Fiduciary Standard that mandates acting in your best interest.
You need independent advisors offering the most appropriate investments without commissions, mutual fund loads, or personal incentives.
You seek experienced advisors who have been through multiple economic cycles and can keep calm in rough markets.
Our team averages 24+ years of experience in financial services. We founded an independent firm in 2010 to ensure the freedom to always do right by our clients.

We offer personalized strategies for each client based on our in-depth discovery process

Why Clients are Happy with Integras Partners

We build personal relationships with clients, bringing comfort that there is a steady hand at the wheel keeping your situation in mind.
Integras partners with your desire to be a good steward of wealth.
We are accessible and communicate regularly with both insight and rationale for trades in your accounts.
We are committed to fostering financial peace enabling you to enjoy life and support your valuable relationships.

Personalized Investment Consulting For Your Life Stage

We work with individuals and families to strengthen their financial position.
Our team specializes in strategies for different life stages. We start by understanding your situation, identifying goals together, then provide you with a solid plan to reach your goals.


Building wealth, providing for family, and maybe caring for elders

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Evaluating resources & spending goals, then tailoring a plan for financial independence

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Advanced money management, emotional freedom to enjoy spending

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