Is your current advisor committed to always acting in your best interest?

Integras Partners was founded in 2010 to secure freedom from the conflicts of interest and incentives that big brokerage firms and insurance companies apply to the delivery of investor advice. In 2015, we adopted a “fee-only” model as a national Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and embrace the Fiduciary Standard.

We built our firm and reputation by consistently acting in our client’s best interest. That will never change and is our primary commitment to you.

We do not hold client assets as brokerage accounts are held at Fidelity Investments. Fidelity executes all exchange trades, values accounts and issues client statements. They now even waive transaction fees on almost all securities.1

As an RIA, we invest your wealth without loads, broker commissions or the restrictions often imposed by a corporate parent. We often complement public securities with direct investments in real estate, private equity and private debt at Net Asset Value (NAV).2

For more information on our Time-Horizon Investing strategies, click here.

1 Fidelity now offers stocks and most ETF’s without commission.  We also access a very broad range of mutual funds without transaction fees.  We negotiated a discount for those funds that do incur a fee.  We buy bonds at institutional pricing without markups.

2 Our clients typically benefit from purchasing “load waived” or institutional class mutual funds with the lowest available internal expenses.  Direct investments in non-traded REITs, Private Equity and other hard assets are discounted as Integras Partners waives commissions.

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